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Feng Shui is a Chinese system developed centuries ago to enhance conditions for success and bring harmony, good health, abundance and wealth into your life.


Feng Shui studies the relationships between the environment and human life.  It is way more than the placement of furniture within a space.  It takes into consideration the energy harnessed by enclosing heaven energy, earth energy and human energy when creating a living or working space.


Knowing the direction on which the house is built (a compass reading is necessary) as well as the date the roof was constructed (sealing in of the heavenly energy) are all extremely important when getting a feng Shui consultant to work with you.

Explaining the process:

I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation to explain and answer any questions you have about Feng Shui. If after our conversation you would like to proceed with having Feng Shui carried out on your property, I will require you to pay a deposit of €250 which can be done through my website.