Land Clearing

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Land Clearing

I would highly recommend having a land clearing done prior to a house being built and the ground being disturbed or if there are spirits who need to be released or move on to their proper place in the universe. I look for Ley lines, Spirit lines and Fairy lines on the property and I ask the ancestors to assist me during this process.

There are different types of lines that run through land:


Ley lines or geopathic stress lines, these are negative energy lines, which may be detrimental to the health of the people or animals living on the land.


Spirit lines which are the highways on which the ghosts walk i.e. famine people or soldiers of war or people killed in groups that tend to wander.


Fairy lines. The fairies have been here long before us and in keeping with handed down traditions, we respect them, and we do not interfere with their fairy forts. We also need to be aware that there are fairy lines, these are the paths on which the fairies travel.


In the modern world, we apply for planning permission, but we never ask permission from the land (Mother Earth and the fairies). What we tend to do is impose our habitats on Nature instead of trying to work in harmony with it. In order to respect our surroundings, we need to honour and respect our Mother (the Earth) and to ask where and when to build so that we can provide a harmonious and beautiful living environment for all.

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